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We are committed to deliver the best of services, with our trained 24/7 online customer service agents.

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Our team of certified professionals, with industry experience is sure to give you a profitable return on investments.

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Portfolio insight and analysis are done to determine best investment decisions.

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Crowdfunding provides the trust, transparency and ties necessary to make global giving both instantaneously impactful and hyper-local. Our mission is to share the unlimited possibilities achievable by anyone with our platform.


We protect you from financial loss. Our risk management team, serves as a hedge against general financial losses.

Mortgage Solutions

Your Property, Your Loan.
Dream it, mortgage, and make it real. At , we shift only ownership of your home and not ownership of your future, give future to your living and let you live better; Whether you are looking to buy or refinance to save on your monthly payments with today's historic low rates, or get pre-qualified to compete with cash offers, we can help create a custom solution for you!

Personal Account Management

With our team of certified experts, we use a systematic approach in account management. This ensures maximum profitability and rational decisions regarding our clients accounts.

NGO Assistance

We partner with non governmental organizations to help deliver services that enrich democratic processes and meet constituents in there local areas.

Retirement Planing

Planning for retirement is an ongoing journey and we're here to help you feel prepared every step of the way. Where are you in your retirement journey? It's never too early, or too late, to start investing. We'll help you create a plan based on how far away you are from retirement.

Our Little Story

The status quo is broken is an European financial firm and broker with market-leading practices in many of the world's most dynamic sectors. We are an exciting, forward-thinking organisation with a particular focus on technology, financial services, property/life insurance, Family planning & home equity. Our mission also accommodates the spreading of stock investments, crypto assets custodial services, real estate, NFP, kids saver investments and other financial asset opportunities to our clients all over the globe. Over the years, its our culture with a team of certified experts to set up a system that benefits insiders, whether you are buying, building or refinancing we provide our clients with education, strategy and guidance to help them achieve their financial goals. We shift ownership of your home and not ownership of your future, give future to your living and let you live better. At we provide opportunities that enable you leave money issues with us and focus on other things of life.

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We are trusted by more than 5,000 clients

We believe The Future is Human*, so we choose a collaborative approach with an intense focus on the end-user and consider carefully how to shape our services to add the most value to our clients.
We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of customer service, and appreciate the opportunity to earn you money.

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  • Free Portfolio Evaluation
  • 24/7 Customer Care Support

Other Services

  • Crowd Funding

    Raising capital through the collective effort of both private ans institutional investors, and shareholders.
  • Real Estate Finance/Management

    Our Real Estate Finance practice is focused on the financing and refinancing of the sale, purchase and development of real estate assets of all types.
  • Home Equity

    Home equity is the portion of your home that you've paid off — your stake in the property, as opposed to the lender's(us).
  • Rental Housing

    Residential or commercial properties that are purchased by investors and inhabited by tenants on a lease or other type of rental agreement.
  • Savings Account

    You can have an interest-bearing deposit account with us where interests are paid daily.
  • Bitcoin Farming Advisory

    This is a low-cost trading solution that allows you to take full advantage of currency pair trading.

Our goal is to be at the heart of the financial services industry as businesses expand across the globe.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • From the top to the bottom of their organization, has an experienced, well trained professional team that handled all aspects of our successful investment.

    Rick Duffy
    Institutional Investor
  • provided unwavering support throughout the entire process to help us navigate the complexities of our deal structure and to find the appropriate securities that met our needs.

    David Kelley
  • I was blown away by the work of the team from start to finish and so appreciate all they did in creating this outcome.

    Jonathan Leonard